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The New Old Heads hip hop culture podcast is premiered by Bringing Down The Band with a weekly panel with experience in DJing, producing, emceeing, hosting parties, radio, blogging, music education, community building and more – and have a lot of hip hop knowledge. The weekly panel is BDTB’s own Lonegevity and DJ Jay Diff, DJ Spoolz, producer Maja 7th, and seasoned host and hip hop aficionado J Moore. The show is executive produced and Red August and Lonegevity.

The weekly hour-long discussion – from a few hip hop veterans in their own right – consists of topics relating to hip hop news, cultural and social related news discussions, brand new hip hop music singles, videos and releases, as well as a handful of other topics. New episodes hits your eyes and ears every Thursday at 12:00 Noon EST via BDTB. Our current partners are No Bad Ideas, Prntfnty, Indy CD & Vinyl, Sun King Brewery, and Kolman Dental. The art was created by Dan Handskillz of the FAB Crew. Check out the various ways to be a part of and support the New Old Heads, via Patreon.

LTR: Lonegevity, DJ Jay Diff, DJ Spoolz, Maja 7th, J. Moore

New episodes shot live on Twitch every Tuesday at 9pm EST, and released to the world on all platforms on Thursdays at 12 noon EST.

Based on a conversation on the show of whether ODB or Ludacris was a better emcee, we decided to put together a thorough criteria on how to potentially rank the best emcee of all time. We know that it’s completely subjective, but we think we put together a nice system (even though we did miss some rappers). Each of us on the show went through and tried to find the best 150 emcees, to then find the top 100, and use a 1-10 ranking for each category. You can watch the episodes where we talked about it (episodes #139-147). Criteria:

INFLUENCE – Impact on other emcee peers
VOCABULARY – Use of unique words
WORDPLAY – Metaphors, similes, rhyme schemes and punchlines
DELIVERY – Syllables, riding the beat, and how fluid they sound
CONSISTENCY – Consistence quality material released, dope features
VOICE – Cadence and how dope they sound on the beat
BEAT SELECTION – Consistently picking dope beats for them
ENJOYABILITY – Easy To listen to/ Replay value
SONG WRITING – Content, story, consistency within rhymes
BAR IMPACT – Cultural impact and importance of lyrics/music

You can view our entire breakdown of the show from our Google sheets. Click here.

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