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New episodes every Thursday at 12 noon EST.

New Old Heads BACKSTAGE Interview Series

The New Old Heads podcast is hosted by two DJ’s and two music producers with a large hip hop knowledge-base: BDTB’s own Lonegevity and DJ Jay Diff, as well as DJ Spoolz and producer Maja 7th. J Moore, seasoned host and hip hop aficionado, joins the fellas as the fifth member whenever anybody is out of town or unavailable, and for special occasions.

The show is executive produced by both Michael Anthony (of Red August) and Lonegevity.

The weekly hour-long discussion – from a few hip hop veterans in their own right – consists of topics relating to hip hop news, cultural and social related news discussions, brand new hip hop music singles, videos and releases, as well as a handful of other topics from what grinds their gears, local related media and other stuff they feel like talking about. New video episodes hits your eyes and ears every Thursday at 12:00 Noon EST via BDTB. The video podcast partners are No Bad Ideas, Prntfnty, Indy CD & Vinyl, and Kolman Dental. The art was created by Dan Handskillz of the FAB Crew. Check out the various ways to be a part of and support the New Old Heads, via Patreon.

LTR: Lonegevity, DJ Jay Diff, DJ Spoolz, Maja 7th, J. Moore
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