Nick Arcade – “Sonic Sushi: Summer XVI Instrumental Tape” (Release)

Listen to Chicago’s Nick Arcade, as he recently dropped Sonic Sushi: Summer XVI Instrumental Tape. There’s also a video for one of the tracks to go along with it, and I’ve added it above.

Sonic Sushi: Summer XVI Track listing:

Side A:
1. Frdm
2. Avlnches
3. Snshine
4. SuperNgs
5. Ugly Ppl
6. Buttr
7. Smmr Brz
8. Dlmte
9. Clifrnia
10. Old Wrld
11. Hlf Crzy
12. Brk Brd

Side B
13. Supr Sushi Extended
14. Bssa Nva
15. Evn Stvn
16. Gt A Grp
17. Mving On
18. Thnk U
19. A Sng Fr Selena
20. Gt Yr $$$
21. Flx Lthr
22. Vlln’s Endng


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