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Check the credits and story to Used To Be Dark below. Bump.

Feeling alive as hell, we all jumped in the van hoping to arrive at the Border around 1:30pm. Cool as fxck, making good time. 2.5 hour drive South. Sunny ass day outside. Van smelled like new car smell & Burger King. T’s & product in back, all in our usual seats, Bronze on the back bench with the laptop out doing busy-work. Donk was geeked behind the wheel. Half hour till first piss break. Bill Simmons podcast on the deck, satellite radio for when we need it, middle-of-nowhere. Airs on. Lee is absent. Drunk off the cheap menu. Little did we know, our van would be impounded within the hour, all because we’re en route to rock a festival and have no idea what’s in-store.

Agent #1 “suggested” we leave our electronic devices in the van. Did we even need to knock on wood? Useless without our phones. Completely powerless. Nervous as fxck now. Stuck in this packed room between two countries. I swear the van smelled like Burger King. Plans dropped, lines getting longer, 6 hour stop-over so far. Dopey is separated. Then brought back. Then Swamp. Then Dopey again. Left-over Burger King festering in the whip all the while…

8 hour limbo. Fresh Air smells good. Especially when its still Canadian. The van’s a site for sore eyes. Even if it looks like its being lived in by a family of possums…

Came to rock a festival and open for Regina Spektor. Left with an $180 ticket and a new song.

But shxt, you never see it coming at all.

This is a true story. JR’s video depiction is fictional – Kali’i is real as fxck, though.


Artist: Notes to Self
Song: Used to be Dark [with Lee Gaul] Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study & Book (of Beatface)
*AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve
Raps by Swamp Donkey, Roshin & Bronze One (all of NTS)
Cuts by DJ Dopey (of NTS)
Additional vocals by Lee Gaul

Directed & Edited by JR for Motioneer
Starring Kali’i Dixon
with Lee Gaul & Notes to Self
Camera & Online by JR for
Painting & Animation by Sean Vecchione
Colourist – Eric Barnett
Special Thanks to Dominik Wojtarowicz, Chris Barry & Mike MacInnis

Graphics & Treatment by Course of Study Creative, PK & Motioneer.

From the NEW Notes to Self project “Target Market [RECOIL]” Feb26 OUT NOW!

Notes to Self is: Bronze One, Roshin, DJ Dopey and Swamp Donkey.


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