Obiisay “The Zoo” (Produced by Aleem Bilal) | @ObiiSay @ABthePro

This track dropped in our inbox from DC artist Obiisay, and it’s a dope bouncy track. The track was produced by Aleem Bilal (who I believe is also known as ABthePro). Press play on this below.

Deeper into the mind of DC artist Obii Say…and it appears to be a zoo in there. In comparison to his last track “Whose World”, also produced by Aleem Bilaal, “The Zoo” is more upbeat but the message is the same: Though Obii lives in a world with problems like the rest of us, Obii lives in a world of his own. The way Obii channel’s the energy he gets from the doubters, family issues, hoes and phony rappers is what sets him apart & paints pictures to relate to in his music.


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