Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – “I Went Outside Today” ft. Aesop Rock

Press play on Open Mike Eagle and Paul White‘s new “I Went Outside Today” single, which features Aesop Rock. Open Mike Eagle has actually released a couple singles from his forthcoming Hella Personal Film Festival project with Paul White. Check out the other two songs, and pre-order the album, by heading over to Bandcamp. The release date is this Friday, March 25th.

“It’s a song about going outside for the first time in a while. It’s from the perspective of being able to be excited about little things after not having had the strength to be around people. It’s the feeling of emerging from solitude.” – Open Mike Eagle

“The day Mike sent me his final vocal for this track along with Aesop Rock’s verse, was the same day I’d just got this new keyboard, I was busting to try out the sounds on it and it ended up all over this song, along with me adding some chorus vocals of my own!” – Paul White

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