Panes “Stills” (Sivey Remix) | @Sivey

Here is another funky jam to add to your playlist today, which is a Panes remix by Sivey. You can read more about all of the goodness below.

Split between Stockholm, birthplace of vocalist Tyson and London, two-piece PANES are Tyson McVey, a singer and student at UCL and Shaun Savage, a recording engineer whose credits include artists Factory Floor and 2.54.

In summer 2014 they wow-ed festival crowds at Field Day, Latitude & Number 6, held down a radio session for NTS and released their first EP on Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound’s new subsidiary Brown Rice, winning them fans around the world. Now, to accompany Autumn/Winter support slots with kindred spirits Kelela and East India Youth, they are releasing ‘Stills’ with handpicked remixes by their favourite producers; Visionist, Sivey and Eyedress.

‘Stills’ bears the imprint of their unique sound. Post-rock’s adventurous dub, free-jazz and motorik qualities, grime’s sub undertow, echoes of Portishead’s Beth Gibbon’s bruised delivery as well as Top 40 R&B motifs. PANES are a pan-European proposition unlike any other.


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