Pragmaddix – “Solar Panels” (Release)

Solar Panels is a 13-track project from Pragmaddix, a hip-hop duo out of North Carolina comprised of emcees Artemis Diesel and Qwyk Cardino. They dropped Solar Panels back in early November, and it’s a solid couple handful of songs you should bump. You can purchase the project via the name-your-price feature over at Bandcamp.

We derived our name from the psychologic term “pragmatics” which translates to how knowledge is typically used. Through this concept, we adjust the scope of our perspective of the world, and relay it through the power of our language in hip hop.

Solar Panels symbolizes our recognition of the drive that we have. Realizing that the motivating force of hip hop was too intoxicating to ignore, and agreeing that “regular” jobs would not suffice. Traveling, we noticed a solar energy field, and discussed how some people’s main drive in life is alternate energy; our main drive is hip hop; plus the sub-level that we derive energy from.


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