Red Bull Thre3style Indianapolis 2015 Recap (Video) | @RedBullINDY @RealSceneTV

A handful of weeks ago, Indianapolis played host to the 2015 USA North regional DJ battle for Red Bull’s Thre3style event. In case you aren’t familiar, the Red Bull Thre3style takes a handful of DJ’s, puts them up head to head against each other, and each DJ is judged on their 15-minute set in a variety of categories that gauge their performance. Dayton’s DJ Spare Change ended up taking home the crown, and Real Scene TV was there to cover it.

Check out more about the Red Bull Thre3style by clicking here.

Red Bull Thre3style pits the world’s best DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dancefloor. Competitors are judged on the dual platforms of technical ability and crowd reaction, and are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they’re the best in the room. Judges work to a strict criteria that also marks DJs on their originality in song choices, confidence performing and mixing prowess.

Thre3style’s roots lie in Canada, but the idea behind the competition is global: get people dancing, keep the party vibes coming and up your game until you’re the DJ that brings the perfect set.


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