Rookie TV presents “Wackest Mixtape Ever”

Finally it is here!!!! The self proclaimed Wackest Mixtape EVER!!! The one and only! All others are impostors, trust me. Our wackness can’t be duplicated, fam. We began this mission a year ago, writing and recording songs to go on the album and we STILL have NO idea why the hell we did this in the first place. Maybe it was a drunken dare. Maybe it was us living out our childhood dreams to be a sub par rap group. Who knows? The only way to find out is to download it and delve into the life of Rookie TV and Chicago hip hop. These are songs we not only wrote and recorded but also performed live so check the website for live footage as well because when we jump on a project, we know no bounds! From beats produced by Chicago heavy-hitters like Rashid Hadee and Tall Black Guy to featuring artists like Savant of Rarebreed, Detroit’s Moe Dirdee, and Chicago’s 80’s Babies this album tries it’s best to encompass the Chicago Hip Hop scene. There’s only one problem…WE ARE RAPPING ON IT!!!! Enjoy and please spread to your friends too.


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