Rusty Redenbacher “Lazarus” Release | @rustymk2

The recently released Lazarus by Naptowns Rusty Redenbacher can now be found at all your digital distributors, including iTunes. The good folks over at Audio Recon put the project out

Rusty Redenbacher has been a fixture in the independent hip-hop scene since the late 90′s, spearheading Indianapolis’ ‘Mudkids’. Now, for the first time, he steps out on his own with ‘Lazarus’, his first solo commercial release.

Produced by SPStar, with contributions from Mic Sol and Ace-One, ‘Lazarus’ is Redenbacher’s reality is dark, humorous, and devastatingly harsh at times. ‘Lazarus’ recounts what Rusty has deemed ‘The Cruel Years’, an incredibly difficult period of three years that saw the dissolution and death of many things, ideals, and people in Redenbacher’s life.

The low point for Rusty Redenbacher emotionally brought him to a higher point as a songwriter, rapper, and collaborator. SPStar provides a sonic palette, varying from classic boom-bap to dissonant experimental off-kilter stomp.

The single “Bleeding


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