Sintex Era “Binge” Video | @sintexera

Video by Toonbrains.

After listening to the song, I realized that there was a video that attached in the email too. Put the two together and we have a winner. Check Sintex‘ description of the track below.

My body is my temple; it’s kind of haunted, so it’s got to take what is sliding through my stomach,” declares Sintex on his new single, “BINGE”. And, true to his own form, he takes us deep into this sentiment, telling us the hilarious story of a binge gone too far. With a fun banger by 2 Hungry Bros as the backdrop, Sintex delivers a reckless scenario that mixes drugs and sex, yet somehow manages to be socially aware. “BINGE” is the second single to be released from the upcoming album, “Black Tea”, serving as an odd follow up to the critically acclaimed single “Trickle Down” (December 2011).

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