Ski Beatz: 24 Hour Karate School, Episode 1 (Video)

Nice footage. This is the first installment of Ski Beatz and the Senseis’ live performance in Tokyo, Japan on New Year’s Eve 2010 (with some of Japan’s most famous MCs). Extended video also has the following:

+ McKenzie Eddy’s video for Don’t Really Know
+ A promo for McKenzie Eddy’s show at Tillman’s this Wednesday night
+ A promo for DD172 at Camp Bisco
+ The London Souls promo for She’s So Mad
+ RZA and The Black Keys performing at Jimmy Fallon
+ Sean O’Connell’s Cornfields featuring McKenzie Eddy
+ Curren$y’s Twistin’ Stank
+ Da$h’s Infamous
+ Adidas Originals: Bun B, Asher Roth Live at Under 100


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