Skittz & LONEgevity “Beats & Breakfast: Season 2” (Release)

You’ve seen all of the episodes and heard all of the songs, and today you can download the entire Beats & Breakfast series album Season 2 for free! Included in the download is also all of the instrumentals. Check out all of the credits below for Skittz and LONEgevity‘s entire project, as well as some of the art (all completed by TR), and make sure you download the entire project now.

1. Time ft. Ace One & Pope Adrian Bless
Verses: Ace One, Skittz, Pope Adrian Bless
Chorus: LONEgevity (Co-Written by E-Ru)
Production: LONEgevity

2. Celebration ft. Grey Granite, Gritts & Tyler Knapp
Verses: Grey Granite, Gritts, Skittz
Chorus: Grey Granite
Bass: Gritts
Organ: LONEgevity
Production: LONEgevity, Tyler Knapp

3. Measured In Weight ft. Gritts, Black Eddie & ILL Brown
Verses: Gritts, Skittz, Black Eddie
Chorus: Skittz
Production: ILL Brown, LONEgevity

4. See Me Shining ft. Ace One & ILL Brown
Verses: Ace One, LONEgevity, ILL Brown
Chorus: Skittz
Production: LONEgevity, ILL Brown

5. Get Back ft. R-Juna & Ace One
Verses: R-Juna, LONEgevity, Ace One
Chorus: Skittz, Ace One
Production: LONEgevity

6. Must Be ft. WhoisLouis & Ace One
Verses: WhoisLouis, Skittz, LONEgevity
Chorus: Ace One
Production: LONEgevity, WhoisLouis

7. They Say ft. Theon Lee
Verses: Skittz, Theon Lee, LONEgevity
Chorus: LONEgevity, Skittz
Bass & Guitar: Theon Lee
Ride Out Rimshot: Theon Lee
Keys: LONEgevity
Production: LONEgevity

8. Triumph ft. Oreo Jones, Gritts & DJ Spoolz
Verses: Oreo Jones, Skittz, LONEgevity
Chorus Vocals: Gritts
Chorus Cuts: DJ Spoolz
Production: LONEgevity, Oreo Jones

9. FTDS ft. Rusty Redenbacher
Verses: Rusty Redenbacher, LONEgevity, Skittz
Production: LONEgevity

10. We Got You ft. Jaecyn Bayne & Breakdown Kings
Verses: Jaecyn Bayne, Skittz, Ace One
Chorus: Jared Hiner, Skittz
Guitar: Brian Benson
Bass: Nate Muterspaugh
Keys: Jared Hiner
Production: LONEgevity

11. Make It Happen ft. Gritts & Dominique Larue
Verses: Gritts, Dominique Larue, Skittz
Chorus: LONEgevity, Gritts
Production: LONEgevity


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