Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E6: “They Say” ft. Theon Lee

Now that we’re in the final stretch for for Season 2 of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity, we’re told we’re going to be seeing a few different styles of music. This week they invited the talented Theon Lee over and they worked on a soulful track featuring guitar and bass from Theon, and a nice little groove. Breakfast was filled with pancakes with chocolate chips and cinnamon flavored syrup, sunny side up and scrambled eggs, hash browns, and of course fruit snacks. Check out the accompanying video above, and listen and check the song, lyrics and credits below. Enjoy!

“They Say” Credits:
Verses: Skittz, Theon Lee, LONEgevity
Chorus: LONEgevity, Skittz
Bass & Guitar: Theon Lee
Ride Out Rimshot: Theon Lee
Keys: LONEgevity
Production: LONEgevity

Listen & Grab “They Say” Below:

Intro: Skittz

Verse 1: Skittz
Give me time to watch a clock this is wasted method…..
Wrinkles show the signs of work use pride to press it
In with the new… in with the old…
Well blended these injections and inflections tend to serve as my protection…
Hoping I astonish… that i get selected…
What i learned.. .this is churned and burned into my minds direction.
Try to make connections… but some feel I’m a minion..
Daily suit and tie for Skittz… shiiiit…. I feel like I’m winnin…
Been here since my muddy days..
Understatement killin it…
Treating venues like these menus..order up fillin it…
Swag rappers die..fry…melted down your golden eye…
Fakeness in your brakes reconsider who you idolize…
Uhhh… yeah… as I speed on free
Move how I wanna move while your Freon leaks
I’m strapped up, Lonegevity and Theon Lee

Chorus Groove

Verse 2: Theon Lee
Well I don’t know if y’all noticed
But I’ve been holdin’ my focus tomy motives
I’m in the hood and all my homies got quotas
And if they don’t, they out homeless I work for his sake
And you expectin’ me to take a break from Crown Hill to do yo mixtape?
What about what you be doin’ for Skitz and ’em?
Well, then my niggas
Besides the fact that they legitimate, they make good dishes
Ain’t nobody feedin’ me, so can’t nobody DM me,
Like this gone be the turnin’ point for your career and scenery
My nigga, I wish I had a buck for every time I heard the word “Exposure”
Trayvon died and now we actin’ like the world is over
It went to twitter, now the work is over,
We lost the trial and now the worst is over
My purpose is sober,
No more hard liquor and lyrics
I gotta put my mind into something richer
Just imagine, I could writin’ this verse
I get a call and hear my little brother ridin’ a hearse
I put my liveliness first.

Chorus Groove

Verse 3: LONEgevity
First they say “Have Fun” but then it’s “Work towards money…
…because without that you don’t get no milk and honey”
Today’s quite sunny…
but can’t enjoy the present til you solidify your future and know just what you’re gon’ be
They say I needed college
They said I needed growth… I’m questioning their wattage
Cause I’m quite bright, figured out what I like
But the only ones that agree seem to struggle more than I
So I got that in my mind, I try to double down
Work twice as hard realizing my own star
A lot of things change…
A lot rearranged, it’s really more of the same
Instead of parental figures guiding… you got friends trying
Gotta trust that-they-ain’t-lying
Intentions aren’t irrelevant
But they are irrelevant
I’m looking for my score so I can settle it

Chorus Groove + Ride Out


When the needle drops.