Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E9: “We Got You” ft. Breakdown Kings & Jaecyn Bayne

In the second to last episode of the second season for our Beats & Breakfast series, Skittz and Lonegevity featured hip-hop infused band the Breakdown Kings (a group that Skittz and Ace One are a part of) and emcee Jaecyn Bayne. This session came about because these artists were a part of our live B&B session at ORANJE for 2013, where they all sat down and came up with the idea for the song (live at the festival in front of patrons), and then performed it live in front of the whole audience a couple hours later. Good times and a song about the fans. Check out episode nine above and bump below!

Purchase and Listen to “We Got You” Below:

Verses: Jaecyn Bayne, Skittz, Ace One
Chorus: Jared Hiner, Skittz
Guitar: Brian Benson
Bass: Nate Muterspaugh
Keys: Jared Hiner
Production: LONEgevity
Video: TR


When the needle drops.