Skypp – “Tenth” (Release)

Naptown’s own Skypp recently dropped his latest full-length, a 12-track project in Tenth. The project has no features, but does have production from Zero, SoulCineMatik, Sincere, Mondo Geezy and others. I’ve also added videos that Skypp released for both “Hidden Treasure” and “Uhaul” from the project. Stream via Spotify.

Click here to purchase.

“TENTH was written to put a positive light on our negative upbringings. I grew up on the near east side of town; 10th Street. There’s a lot of negative things you can take away from that sort of upbringing but somehow, I managed to take away a lot of positive. They may not have been delivered to me in the purest form, but it’s not about what you see; it’s about how you perceive it. TENTH is an album full of those experiences; delivered in a way so a person who’s never been through these things can relate.

The album cover is a depiction of what TENTH instilled in my head. Hence, the street signs poking out, and the gold blood dripping. The blood represents the knowledge. Knowledge is one of the most valuable things. In the backdrop is my neighborhood; 10th Street. At the very bottom of the album cover is a quote that says: “What the neighborhood taught me…”

What I’m speaking of are the characteristics you see on the street signs: loyalty, integrity, sacrifice & sophistication. I’d like to thank God for the drive & will to continue bringing my vision to life time after time. I’d like to thank Warren ‘Three V’ Harris & Shadowkat Nightson for their hard work, support, dedication and just believing in this album as much as I do. Uncle Jamz for his incomparable support and guidance throughout the past six years.

Zero, SoulCineMatik, Sincere, Mondo Geezy, One & Walt for their dope production. Without them, this album wouldn’t be half as dope. S. Colli & Al J Hayes for their photography services. Patrick ‘GeekGod’ Bell for the amazing graphic designs. And, all of YOU for your unwavering support!” – Skypp


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