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Blog posts are a thing of the past. We have shared over 12,000 blog posts since 2009, but few consume music that way anymore. For that reason, we now offer two services:

  • Playlist / No Cost – we add your music to 1 of 3 different YouTube playlists we curate.
  • Placement / Premium – we make a custom video of your music, add your music to any relevant playlists we curate, and push to both our social media and YouTube subscribers.

Being said, we think our new model is a win-win. Our premium placements have a potential reach of over 30,000+ real hip hop fans, and you can expect between 200-500 views within the first couple weeks (often higher depending on art quality, features, and how much you utilize our platform and promote yourself). Additionally, if the artist has their distribution set up to find their digital fingerprint to monetize through YouTube, the artist will automatically collect residual money from every stream they receive on our channel. Our goal/intent has always been to find unique ways to support talented artists, and we support both the artist with exposure and potential monetization now.


SONG/VIDEO SUBMISSIONS: We don’t charge for previewing your single or music video to potentially land on our Turn Off Your Radio video playlist – if you don’t want us to push it through our YouTube channel, but we do charge a modest fee for putting the video content together for a placement on our YouTube channel – that then gets pushed to our large social media fan base (to both Twitter / Facebook).

PROJECT SUBMISSIONS: We don’t have a free option to share your multi-track project for our #AlbumTuesdays playlist due to us wanting our content to be consistent, but if you’d like to go through our placement options, we’ll put together a full-stream visual and upload to our YouTube channel for a modest fee – that then gets pushed to our large social media fan base (to both Twitter / Facebook).


1 – Base Placement Cost: We have a basic cost associated with uploading your content to our channel, and the charge as low as $5 and as high as $20 depending on the time slot you select your music to be released. Why the cost? Since YouTube only allows us three push notifications to our subscribers per 24 hours, and we have a full release schedule, we reserve certain time slots for popular releases and our exclusive content. Because popular uploads increase our subscriber base, and that is what fuels our growth, certain times are a premium.

2 – Putting Your Content Together Cost: We don’t charge for just releasing your music video, but we charge $5 for a single or $15 for a multi-song project. This cost is for us to get your music – download the song/project, create artwork for the video single or each track on the project, render the video out to our format, upload your content to our channel, fill out the description with your details, and to schedule a time for it to release. This is the part that takes a while, thus the fee.


Step 1: Submit your music below using the form.
Step 2: We review your music.
Step 3a: If your submission is to be added to the TOYR playlist, we add it if we like it. The end.
Step 3b: If your submission is for a placement and we like it, we’ll reply with a link for you to follow the steps.
Step 4: You then use our private calendar to select the time-slot you want and purchase your option.
Step 5: You will then give us all the information in another form that we need to finish your submission.
Step 6:
We will put together your visual and schedule it for the date you select.
Step 7:
Your release will go live on the date/time selected and social media posts will be shared.
Step 8: Views rack up and you promote your music!

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Please do us a solid and do not submit the same submission twice. We got it. Want to support independent music? Subscribe and enable notifications for our YouTube channel. Your support helps you and those like you.

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