Talib Kweli talks Gutter Rainbows, Prisoners of Conscious, Goonish Rap & Being A Better Writer

Here’s a quick interview with Talib Kweli

After performing at The Roundhouse in London on the 17th of this month, Talib Kweli invited SoulCulture down to the studio the next day, where he was joined by Akon-affiliated UK emcee Sway to record a song together.

In-between recording and shooting a music video in London, Kweli spoke to SoulCulture TV about his displeasure at the gig of the night before, his experiences of the UK’s Capital and why he chose to shoot a video here for a song from his new album, Gutter Rainbows.

He also discusses how he perceives his lyrical growth across albums and another album he is also working on titled Prisoners Of Conscious, describing the former project as “like the early outtakes of Prisoners Of Conscious, but embellished upon.”


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