Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds – “Intention” ft. Chachi (Video) & “Sounds of Crenshaw, Vol. 1” (Release)

Terrace Martin and The Polllyseeds just recently dropped a new video for the Problem-assisted “Intention” song.  Problem now goes by Chachi. The video was directed by The ViLLAGE. Video and song credits are listed below, as well as the full-stream to the new project. You can also purchase on iTunes.

Assistant Director: Dana Washington
Producer – Erin Lunsford
AP – Cavi Scott
PA – Monesia Hobbs
Set Design : Alexah Acuña
MUA – Michele Davis • Kala Nelson
Stylist / Vanities – Natasha Zarate

The Pollyseeds are a collaborative group of A-List producers, musicians, and creators who have found great success in the world, yet understand the source from which their creativity and success flows. After many years of celebrity driven music, The Pollyseeds come together inside the SONGS. The songs that speak of history, of life, of love, of soul. The songs that carry our common interest; songs of Saturday nights looking for love, songs that carry the heat of the street right into Sunday evening. The Pollyseeds pay heed to TSOP, The Funk Brothers, and The Wrecking Crew, as well as early Steely Dan. The Pollyseeds are making the records that those artists never did, because they live in a time where it is possible.

Sounds Of Crenshaw Volume 1 is produced by Terrace Martin. As a producer and musician, Terrace Martin understands the pieces of history that MATTER. And he knows the true value of Crenshaw and Slauson in his own evolution and its importance to the world. On Volume 1, he brings together some of The Pollyseeds and distills the seemingly disparate pieces of that history into an instantly recognizable sound. ‘That West Coast Vibe’ is eminent. A great luthier once said ‘It’s simple, I just take a piece of wood and cut away everything that isn’t a guitar’. The Pollyseeds have done just that. Sounds Of Crenshaw Volume 1 is that record that trims the celebrity and the excess, and makes a very clear and simple statement with the sound.

Track Credits:
Produced by Terrace Martin | Fender Rhodes: Craig Brockman, Prophet Synthesizer, Mini
Moog, LM-1 Drum Machine, Alto Sax, Vocoder: Terrace Martin, Guitar: Marlon Williams| Additional
vocals: Wyann Vaughn, Rose Gold

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