The Definition of Welp: Michigan State Signee Jay Harris Trades Football Scholarship for Rap Career

This whole story gets the stale-face.

By now you may have caught wind to our new #welp series. You have most likely also heard about now ex-Michigan State football signee Jay Harris, who has allegedly given up on a full scholarship to pursue a rap career. Well, this whole situation is the definition of our #welp category.

From everything I’ve been reading, I’m under the impression that after Michigan State heard/saw his video for Datbull 4 Life (which you can listen to above), they HAD to rescind his offer. Michigan State has stated that Harris not honoring his scholarship was a mutual decision, but let’s be real, Harris could go to school and do his rap stuff at the same time. Either he got forced out due to the content of this video, or he’s simply not the smartest fellow. I mean, I wouldn’t want this guy repping my school. #shrug

Regardless, he’s got a long way to go to be a successful rapper (I can’t even call rapping a career with a straight face), and he’s passed up on probably one of the greatest opportunities he’ll see in his lifetime for a fly-by-night “game”. A full-ride scholarship to a division 1 school! Come on, man. My word doesn’t mean a thing, but put the rhymes away for a while and get that education! Hopefully everything works out for the guy, but this is all #welp.

Don’t just read my opinions on this though, head over and read more over at Yahoo Sports and this site/blog.


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