The Good & The Bad: 10 Random Email Submissions, V1

I’m going to tell a little bit of a story, so stick with me.

During our early years, we had an email address that we threw out there so you guys could submit us music. As all of my hip hop music blogging and writing colleges know, once people get a hold of your email address it’s basically a free for all. After we started getting close to 150-200 submissions a day and only liking maybe a handful of them, I decided that we had to come up with a better process to save us time and sanity. For close to three years now we’ve had our form submission system, and we now get submissions from artists that seem to be more series. It seems to weed out a majority of the really bad music and spam. Overall, let’s just say this improved our efficiency a few hundred percent.

So, being said, when we discontinued the email submissions I decided to strap on an automatic responding email for anybody that emailed us that told them that we’ve changed the way we take submissions, and how they could submit. The funny thing is that I had this automatic responder on for nearly a year before I ended up just deleting the email address altogether, and we were still getting hundreds of emails a day when I deleted it.


Fast forward to a year and change later, I randomly had to reinstate the submission email address to get login credentials to reset a password for some account on the web. Since I figured people would have gotten the memo and stopped emailing the website (you get an error email when you email dead addresses), I didn’t bother to delete the email address again. Well, it became full in less than a month.

Long story short, I’ve decided to take 10 minutes, 10 random emails from that account, and am going to share with you 10 random songs or videos that were sent to us. Good or bad. I’m then going to give it star rating out of 10 based upon if we would share it, and then delete all the submissions and make another one of these posts when it fills up again. I’d give commentary but I don’t want to be a complete asshole, as I am going to guess, based upon history, many of these will be really bad. Please don’t send us emails to this account if you want us to take you serious.

Lady Chann – “Not Me”

MC S.A.V – “Bigger Rings” (Drake & Future Remix)

Doug Watts – “Deedz” (Produced by Nu Aira)

Killa Kyleon – “COCO” (Video)

Marcus Troy – “Tell Your Friends” (Weeknd)

Mobb Deep – “That Mobb Deep” (DJ Absolet)

Ave. Amen – “Be Your Dream”

Gov – “Tingz” (Remix)

Breezy TheWhiz ft. King Louie – “Comfortable” (Video)

Dion Isaiah – ft. JChris – “YOU” (Video)


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