The Red Giants (Jermiside x Brickbeats) “Supercharged” Release | @Jermiside @Brickbeats

Recently, Jermiside and producer Brickbeats teamed up to drop a collective album as The Red Giants. Now, I just heard the Von Pea assisted single a moment ago, and then saw that the full-length was out. So yeah, get some free time and bump this over the weekend.

Lessondary crew members *Jermiside & Brickbeats* link up once again as *The Red Giants**. *For those who don’t know, Brickbeats produced half of *Tanya Morgans’* *”Moonlighting” (2006) and “Brooklynati” (2009)* releases which also featured guest appearances by Jermiside. Most recently, Jermiside put out a well received album alongside producer *Danny Diggs* called “Middle Classic” via HipNott Records in 2010 which featured such talents as *Maverick Sabre, Soulstice, Tanya Morgan, Kno and Kev Brown.

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