Thurteen – “WU-HA” ft. DJ Ernz Eastwood (Video)

Long Island emcee Thurteen has collaborated with DJ Ernz Eastwood to deliver the song “WU-HA,” a track off his upcoming EP. The release is scheduled to be released on the 13th month of the year, X/X/14. Read more about that, as well as the directors credits, below. This joint is dope!

Director: @JackEmpireCTRL
Editor: @YoAndyT and @JackEmpireCTRL
Producer: @whoisCTRL
VFX Artist: Chantalle Todd
Art Director: @Lucia_Burrafato and @Lord_Zedd_

Along with the mysterious date of his EP, Thurteen makes it clear that he wants to take you on a ride, to the past and into the future of music. Proclaimed as the antagonist of rap, he aims to be a psychological threat into the hip hop culture that many of us fans need. This video is just playful introduction that will mark the year of his war path. All you have to do is follow the foot steps.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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