Tiny Hearts – “Centerfold” (Video)

With football, Beats And Breakfast activities, and plumbing issues all filling up my day, I didn’t get around to sharing much of anything today until now. Tiny HeartsStay EP is going to be dope, and this video for the “Centerfold” track from the project was revealed a few days ago. I highly suggest you give this a listen/view and pre-order from Submerge. Check out some more info on Dede, Jeedo (Waajeed) and Tim K below. The cinematography, direction and editing was done by Aron Kantor.

The comrades of Tiny Hearts (Waajeed, Dede Reynolds, Tim K) met at a bar beneath the J train in
New York City. Cadillac margaritas and invisible hands pushed the three to a southside basement
for a late night listening session. Resulting remixes led to original mixes, and the group was
formed. Voices from the beyond, esoteric concepts and milkshake metrics all played a role in this
groups’ fruition. The result: a reflection of intention.

Waajeed, a founding member of Detroit’s Slum Village and Platinum Pied Pipers, was in a period of deep
introspection when he met Brooklyn duo DEDE (Dede Reynolds and Tim K). As a key figure in the collaboration,
he shapes the sonic palette now known as Tiny Hearts. Tim K is a jazz-trained producer and composer
bringing a unique melodic sensibility and lyrical identity to the Hearts. He is the glue of the trio.
Dede Reynolds, a nomadic chanteuse, contributes her icy pure vocal texture, creating the stark contrast to
Waajeed’s gritty tracks that defines the sound. Her love of French pop, vintage fashion and Italian horror
shapes the auditory and visual representation of the band. She is the centerpiece of the hearts.

The group debuted on the DIRT TECH RECK takeover on Benji B’s BBC radio show in late 2012. Circulation
and word of mouth created a buzz, resulting in support from KCRW’s Garth Trinidad, and countless other
radio and club DJs across the globe.

After two years of studio incubation, this September of 2013, Tiny Hearts proudly presents its first EP. The
four-song album offers a sonic balance of hard and soft, reflecting the undertones of the group’s base in
Detroit and Los Angeles. The overall ghostly feel of the tracks breathes fresh air into current music.

A group of masterful artists and designers contributed to the look of this EP. For the limited release,
handmade/hand printed covers were commissioned from artists Cody Hudson and Munguni. Chicago-based Cody Hudson
is a rising star in the contemporary art world. He shows internationally and collaborates with Vice magazine
and Nike. Japan-based Munguni is an artist whose line drawings attracted Tiny Hearts band members via Instagram.
In addition, for its music videos, the group collaborated with two cinematic innovators: The Dario Argento-
inspired director Aron Kantor on the “Centerfold” track, and the powerhouse duo of “The Gossip” video director
Justin Kelly, and cinematographer Chris Blauvelt, (Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’), on “Stay”.

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