Tony Styxx ft. Renee King “Refuge” | @Tony_Styxx @iamReneeKing

Naptowns poetic MC Tony Styxx collaborated with soulstress Renee King for “Refuge”. Check it and I’ll let Styxxers explain the meaning of the track below.

A man has wars to fight everyday he wakes up, either with himself or with the world around him. A a woman has struggles, mountains too climb that we as males will never understand. So, to find one who makes you feel strong or safe is a blessing. Whether they are from the same racial background or not, or same sex as you, young and old, LOVE is LOVE. Doesn’t it feel good to be able to find refuge in that? -T. Styxx

Life connoisseur. It's threats pimp. I'm so sincere.

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