Trian Kayhatu – “Suture” (Release)

Press play on the latest release from Darker Than Wax, as producer Trian Kayhatu‘s unleashes his four-track Suture EP. Free listens below, and you can purchase for $4.80 SGD at Bandcamp.

Last month’s Darker Than Wax 10K Compilation (available here) was a diverse collection of favourites, but there was that one sensual track which stood out – Trian’s Kayhatu’s unparalleled “Sister”, a sexy Michael Jackson-esque track one that received airplays and approvals from punters like Lefto in the music industry.

The fly Dutch returns with his latest and tightest offering, the hypnotically sublime “Suture”. He weaves emotions through each the tracks – adding in that warmth that is typically lacking in current trap/ oblique R&B productions out there. “Red Onion White Garlic” sounds like a complexed ballad, with digitally whimsical sounds highly reminiscent of The Neptunes. “Hymn” has a contagious swing with the “clap snare”, but Sh?m’s refix of the same track is an ending too beautiful – “Suture” is one of those staple EPs that you listen to on loop – it grows on you, unearthing new meanings with each listen, always staying eternally relevant, and timelessly on point.

Credits :
All tracks written and Produced by Trian Kayhatu
Mastered by Qniezery
Remix of Hymn by Shem Douglas
Artwork by the Funk Bast*rd
Words by Rah

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