Ty Farris “Leave Me Alone” Video | @tyfarris1

Directed by Gregory Edwards And Cory Martin.

Ty Farris just dropped his new visual for his dope track, Leave Me Alone. Be sure y’all check out the rest of Champion Hoodies and Hennessy.

In this new video for the song “Leave Me Alone”, Detroit artist *Ty
Farris*has used these visuals as a platform to expose the conditions
of a city suffering from a severe crack epidemic and the unfortunate socio-political problems it endures. The concept of the video, which is directed by Gregory Edwards and Corey Martin as Rose City Cinema, is to contrast the luxurious life of downtown Detroit with the poverty stricken streets of the rest of the city. “Leave Me Alone”, produced by *Illmind*, is a cut off of Ty Farris’ recent mixtape *Champion Hoodies N Hennessy*, which has become a highly praised project not only in Detroit, but also in many streets across the nation. He has used this mixtape as a stage to display the state of
affairs in Detroit: no glitz, no glam, just the streets, and this video isn’t exempt of that. As it starts off with the words “Deadtroit” and “Proceed or Die” spray-painted on a wall, it’s a very bold visual for a very dire situation the city of Detroit has fallen victim to.


I want to be a mailman in the fifties... without the racism.

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