UZOO – “Attack” (Video)

Get introduced to UZOO on their debut “Attack” video, a rap super-group from Connecticut. The track was produced by Merf545 and video directed by Detelj.

The brainchild of Joey Batts, UZOO came to existence in the winter of 2015. Aware of the depth of talent in the Connecticut hip-hop scene, and fed up with being overlooked, Batts called upon his closest friends to form a CT-based supergroup. By bringing the best of the best together into a cohesive unit – one that allowed for individual talents to shine alongside the overall power of the group as a whole – UZOO brings forth a musical experience reminiscent of the ‘90s-era Wu-Tang Clan, reminding hip-hop fans of how revolutionary a collective has the power to be.

The dynamic collective boasts an eclectic offering of artistry, as each member brings their unique style to the table. From Funk Gero’s enlightened stoner flows to Cre808’s sharp wordplay and fierce delivery, UZOO has something for everyone. The fact that such a wide array of styles are blended together so fluently on wax is a testament to the level of talent that exists within the group. Feeding off of one another’s energy, the animalistic tendencies of each emcee is apparent as they trade bars and verses over rugged, grimy production that comes from the likes of Rudy (of ClaS!cK), Hologram (of Funk Gero), Alfredo (who has worked on many of Batts’ solo albums) and more.

“ATTACK” is produced by Merf545 and it serves as an eye-opener to let everyone know that there are a serious group of MC’s that are not only trying to bring lyricism to the forefront of hiphop again — but that unifying talent can make a bigger splash in a watered down market. The video, directed by squad member Detelj, gives the track a dark underground visual as the team go back to back bar for bar.

UZOO plan to drop their debut album late Spring early Summer. Although “Attack” will not be featured on the project, it’s just a treat as they look to prepare you for what they have in store.



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