Vic Mensa “DID IT B4” Video & Kids These Days Breakup Announcement | @VicMensa

Directed by Austin Vesely.

Just as news of that one of the most talented hip-hop-bands I’ve had the pleasure of hearing hits my phone, the former lead man of such group, Vic Mensa, let’s go a brand new video that will be on his upcoming INNANETAPE release. You can also read a small blurb of what he had to say about the breakup below, and check the full-length interview here at XXL. It’s a shame, but things happen.

It’s never going to be an “I hate you” type of situation. For the most part it’s a happy settlement. There were certain moves made by some people that weren’t all the way stand-up moves, but at the end of the day there isn’t really any bad blood. It’s not like I can’t be in the room with everybody in the band, and I wish everybody the best. But the band breaking up wasn’t my ultimatum, I didn’t bring that to the table, but once it was brought to the table it kind of opened up a world I’d already been living in in my own head for a while. I just see it as a great opportunity. Kids These Days was great and it was a lot of fun, but now I want to do something different. And I produce now, too.


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