Walkingshoe – “The Future WIll KIll You” (Release)

Chicago music producer and beatsmith Walkingshoe just recently released The Future Will Kill You on Cosmonostro Records. This project is a fusion of beats and beats with features, as you will find vocals from yU, Greg Grease, Frank Leone, Has-Lo, and Defcee throughout the album. You can purchase the digital album for only €1, so make sure you head over to Bandcamp and show your support. Read more about the release here:

TFWKY is Walkingshoe’s 2nd Cosmonostro release, and is a highly personal project that explores the nature of existence along with five collaborating MCs. Similar to Walkingshoe’s Blastphemy EP, TFWKY is a single, cohesive flowing piece that is best listened to straight through as an album. The productions are once again carefully constructed with a great attention to detail, and can be described as a subtle joining of the organic and the electronic. TFWKY is extremely dense and yet jam packed with tiny details that will leave you listening over and over. Enjoy.


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