Watch/Listen To Aesop Rock’s “The Impossible Kid” (Release)

As he’s done in the past, Aesop Rock has released his latest album, The Impossible Kid, as a full-length video stream ahead of its actual release date. Although it might just be a simple video put behind the album so you have something to follow along to while you listen to the project, I’m guessing that there’s quite possibly some hidden meaning. Watch and figure that out on your own. The video was directed by Rob Shaw.

You can watch and stream above and pre-order that head of time here from his website, as the album still officially drops this Friday.

00:00 – Mystery Fish
03:09 – Rings
06:57 – Lotta Years
08:56 – Dorks
12:29 – Rabies
15:35 – Supercell
19:25 – Blood Sandwich
23:50 – Get Out of the Car
25:44 – Shrunk
28:52 – Kirby
31:39 – TUFF
35:30 – Lazy Eye
38:15 – Defender
41:26 – Water Tower
45:17 – Molecules


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