In a world where everybody and their brother, and their brother’s son and daughter for that matter, is the self-proclaimed hottest rapper out right now, it is only right that we let the world know about these people. And, get a couple laughs at the same time.

#welp is a series where we at BDTB share music videos that are so bad that it is actually comical. Not only did the person (I don’t think the word artist applies here) not have anybody around them to tell them that the music or song was bad, these people took it all a step further and had the audacity to shoot a “music video” for the song, upload it to YouTube, and in most cases, submit it to be shared on our site. Well, we’ll share it alright, but it will get the #welp stamp on it. So, when you see the #welp, know that are aren’t co-signing the product, WE Laughing Player.

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