World Around Records “We Are World Around, Volume 4” Release | @worldaround

World Around Records has dropped off a collaborative effort from some artists on their label, which includes tracks and instrumentals. I’m digging a few of these cuts. Check.

1. Suplington – Smile, Soon It’ll Be Winter
2. Man Mantis – Super Not a Cop
3. Louis Mackey & Dr. Quandary – Ghosts of the Commonwealth
4. Ill Clinton – Hidden
5. Louis Mackey & Solve One – Lots of Lip
6. Naturetone – Sky
7. Godforbid & Thirtyseven – No Truce
8. Louis Mackey – Maundy Thursday
9. Josh Cote – Witch Doctor
10. Louis Mackey – I Think About You All of the Time
11. DJ Multiple Sex Partners – Pale White Cutie Pie (Closing Theme)

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