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Cicada Shells – “Forest Noise” (Release)

Defame and Lorax combined as Cicada Shells about a month ago for Forest Noise. Check the credits below and head to Bandcamp for their limited run of 100 cassettes.

Production & Additional Vocals by Defame
Vocals & Lyrics by Lorax
Synth on “Cracked Shells” by Narcoleptic Shark
Additional Vocals on “Aquaphonics” by Kristen Smith
Drum Kit and Additional Noise on “So Damn Cool” by Eric Brown
Acoustic and Electric Guitar on “Everything Is Golden” by Troy Padilla
Vocals on “Chrome Fangs” by ACE ONE
Mixed and Mastered by Defame
Album Art, Photography and Direction by Cory Salas

Written and recorded between 2012-2015, ‘Forest Noise’ sat in a
state of limbo of sorts while we focused on solo projects, beat tapes,
band endeavors, and life. Featuring instrumentation from Eric Brown
(drum kit) and Troy Padilla (guitar) on select songs, ‘Forest
Noise’ explores left field hip-hop/rap song writing & production
from various angles. With that being said, the ground temperature is
now where it needs to be for this project to breach the earth.

Available on limited edition clear cassette tape through bandcamp and
most digital outlets as well.

Bandcamp bonus tracks include “Chrome Fangs”, featuring our friend
and Indianapolis heavyweight rhymer AceOne AND cassette rips of the
album in a side A / side B format.

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