Locals Only, Volume 10 w/ Mt. Fiction, 2uce Betta, Alec Jackson, Don Kew & Flik

We’re back with the tenth volume of our Locals Only series, where we take the filter off and showcase various Indiana hip hop related artists. Today we have five different Indiana-based artists for you to check out. Volume 10 features Mt. Fiction, 2uce Betta, Alec Jackson, Don Kew, and Flik.

Check out the entire series here.

Our Locals Only series showcases various Indiana hip hop acts that have recently put out music, and pays homage to one of our favorite now defunct venue(s) that housed so many hip hop acts in years past (including many of our events). Dive into these five new songs below and let us know which ones you like best.

Artist: Mt. Fiction
Where is the artist from? Bloomington, IN and Chicago, IL
Featured artist(s): Fricktion & The Marshall Cloud
Producer(s): Fricktion & The Marshall Cloud
Title: Mt. Fiction
Twitter @: @Tfricktion @strongrootsrecs
Anything else we need to know? Mt. Fiction is the brainchild of Chicago-based experimental rock artist Marshall Brown (AKA The Marshall Cloud) and Bloomington socially conscious MC/producer Thomas Frick (AKA Fricktion). Their self-titled debut EP showcases open collaboration between two songwriters of vastly different musical backgrounds, resulting in a psychedelic blend of dreamy indie melodies and introspective hip-hop lyricism.

Artist: 2uce Betta
Where is the artist from? Indianapolis
Producer(s): Penacho
Title: In Dis Bitch
Video Director: ILL Hd
Twitter @: 2uceB
Anything else we need to know? “In Dis Bitch” prod by Penacho will be available on 2uce Betta’s upcoming project “Cloudy Days in the East” May 12.

Artist: Alec Jackson
Where is the artist from? Indianapolis, IN
Producer(s): Alec Jackson
Title: Still About It
Twitter @: @AlecTheJackson
Anything else we need to know? Still About It is a self-produced, written, mixed, and mastered track by 22 year old Alec Jackson out of Indianapolis. It’s his third single release following up his collaborative project God Bless No Stress with rapper Quentin Avery and the No Stress collective.

Artist: Don Kew
Where is the artist from? Indianapolis
Featured artist(s): Jordn
Producer(s): Charlie Mumbles
Title: Daily Basis
Twitter @: @welostbrandon

Artist: FLIK
Where is the artist from? Indiana/Florida
Featured artist(s): G Granite
Producer(s): FLIK
Title: Carnivals
Twitter @: @flikxciv & @greygranite

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