Ahmad Rahsan “Praiseworthy” Release | @AhmadRahsan

Multi-talented musician Ahmad Rahsan, formerly known as DV8 of Naptown’s Wiz Kids, just dropped this 16-track free release. All of the tracks are self-produced and feature the emcee bending genres and styles throughout the project. If you didn’t already know, the dude can spit, and he definitely has his own style. Give this a listen.

Beat boxing has given me a metronome count and library I cannot explain, but only Demonstrate. I named this project Praiseworthy because my first name is of Middle Eastern Origin, meaning “Worthy of Praise” or “Laudable One”. I do not intend to sound like a Narcissist for such a Title..I only Mean to Embrace my Destiny and Pursue what my Intuition Speaks to Me. 2012 Has Been a Very Important Year.. I Feel as if I have been here before and have a message to deliver. I dream of this, it’s crazy and I know it, but I Make it Alive. Most Importantly, I Continue for Each and Every one of You. Your Assiduous Support Means the World to Me. Sunday is my Birthday, yet my gift to you all. Thank You.


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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