Bas “Charles de Gaulle To JFK” | @FiendBassy

Check out another great single from Bas‘ upcoming Last Winter below, including the tracklisting for the album. The 13-track project will be dropping on April 29th on Interscope.

1. New World Order (N.W.O.)
2. Mook in New Mexico
3. Fiji Water In My Iron f. KQuick
4. My Nigga Just Made Bail f. J. Cole
5. Charles De Gaulle To JFK
6. Vacation f. Irvin Washington
7. Building Blocks (Interlude)
8. Donk Of The Day
9. Golden Goals
10. Nigga On The Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man In The World
11. Your World f. Mack Wilds
12. Last Winter
13. Lit f. J. Cole & KQuick


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