Nuvo Lists 100 Best Hoosier Albums Ever

This week in Nuvo, a committee of more than 20 has put together an all-out 100 Best Hoosier Albums. There’s a grand list, and they’ve even opened up the forums for discussion of anybody they might have missed for you to nominate. Ones that they listed from the hip hop genre, and associated genres that we might share, are listed below:

DMA – Pheel Phree (2013)
Dorsh – Neapolitan (2012)
Freddie Gibbs – The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs (2009)
J Brookinz – Gateway 3 (2012)
Mudkids – 4trackmind (1998)
Oreo Jones – Betty (2012)
The Proforms – Atavism (2011)
Scott Matelic – Primitive Pessimist (2004)
Sirius Blvck – Year of the Snvke (2014)
Twilight Sentinels – Meanwhile (2007)

Those are definitely a great group of projects that if one was delving into Indiana music, would be a great start. Many of these albums have actually been nominated in our more in-depth hip hop and Indiana voting in the last couple of years. Below I’m going to share an additional five releases that happen to be some of my personal favorite releases from Indiana hip hop artists (minus my own because of course I think my own are great):

Sirius Blvck – Ancient Lights (2013)
Mr. Kinetik – Black Hole Rap (2012)
Echomaker – Concrete Seeds (2012)
Cas One – The Monster and the Wishing Well (2013)
Tony Styxx – It’s Bigger Than Me (2011)

Make sure to head on over to Nuvo and check out the rest of the article, and get hip to some good Indiana music!


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