BDTB’s Yearly Best-Of Indiana Hip Hop Wrap Up – You Vote!

This years Best-Of Indiana Hip Hop voting poll is now complete. Check out the tops from each category below, and click here to see all of the voting results for each category. Users accounted for 70% (over 4900 votes were cast), and us at BDTB added our 30% onto the end of that. Also check who we voted for too.

Best Hip Hop Release from Indiana Artist in 2012
1st – EJAAZ “Chain of Memories” (28%, 124 Votes)
2nd – G-Scott “Weekend in Los Vegas” (22%, 98 Votes)
3rd – Oreo Jones “Betty” (21%, 93 Votes)
4th – The Pro Letarians “Not All of Me Shall Die” (21%, 92 Votes)

(Baby D voted for G-Scott – Welcome to Los Vegas / Oreo Jones – Betty / Skittz x LONEgevity – #beatsandbreakfast)
(jay diff voted for Mr. Kinetik – Black Hole Rap / Dorsh – Neapolitan / Skittz x LONEgevity – #beatsandbreakfast)
(seangevity voted for Oreo Jones – Betty / Dorsh – Neapolitan / The Pro Letarians – Not All of Me Shall Die)

Best Instrumental or Production Based Release from Indiana Producer in 2012
1st – LONEgevity “Reverb” (50%, 73 Votes)
2nd – Milky Way Vandals “MWV” (29%, 43 Votes)

(Baby D voted for LONEgevity – Reverb)
(jay diff voted for LONEgevity – Reverb)
(seangevity voted for Skittz & LONEgevity #beatsandbreakfast)

Best Hip Hop Single from Indiana Artist in 2012
1st – The Pro Letarians “#Rugrats” (28%, 107 Votes)
2nd – G-Scott “4 Finger Ring Rap” (22%, 83 Votes)
3rd – Grey Granite & Blake Allee “Armando Alvaraz” (20%, 79 Votes)

(Baby D voted for Black Eddie – Boom, Kick / Grey Granite & Blake Allee – Armando Alvaraz / Scoot Dubbs & Hinx Jones – Enjoy The High)
(jay diff voted for Grey Granite & Blake Allee – Armando Alvarez / J. Brookinz – You’re Mine / Scoot Dubbs & Hinx Jones – Enjoy the High)
(seangevity voted for Grey Granite & Blake Allee – Armando Alvarez / Comdot – Hunnit)

Best Hip Hop Music Video from Indiana Artist in 2012
1st – Sirius Blvck “Nocturnal” (27%, 120 Votes)
2nd – EJAAZ “+L.Y.D.O.B.V.+” (27%, 119 Votes)
3rd – Blake Allee “Headlights” (25%, 109 Votes)

(Baby D voted for Cut Camp – Dippin / Blake Allee – Headlights)
(jay diff voted for Sirius Blvck – Nocturnal / Black Fabio – Black Fabio)
(seangevity voted for Sirius Blvck – Nocturnal)

Indiana’s Best Emcee/Rapper in 2012
1st – EJAAZ (25%, 130 Votes)
2nd – Jupiter Jim (of The Pro Letarians) (24%, 125 Votes)
3rd – Blake Allee (19%, 97 Votes)
4th – G-Scott (18%, 91 Votes)

(Baby D voted for Tony Styxx, Scoot Dubbs, LONEgevity, Rusty Redenbacher, and Mr. Kinetik)
(jay diff voted for Ace One, Blake Allee, EJAAZ, LONEgevity, and Gritts)
(seangevity voted for Gritts and Jupiter Jim)

Indiana’s Best Hip Hop Producer in 2012
1st – Blake Allee (39%, 114 Votes)
2nd – LONEgevity (36%, 108 Votes)
3rd – J.O. (of The Pro Letarians) (33%, 99 Votes)

(Baby D voted for Blake Allee and LONEgevity)
(jay diff voted for LONEgevity)
(seangevity voted for J.O.)

Indiana’s Best Hip Hop DJ in 2012
1st – DJ MetroGnome (54%, 121 Votes)
2nd – DJ TXTBOOK (24%, 54 Votes)

(Baby D voted for DJ Action Jackson and DJ MetroGnome)
(jay diff voted for DJ MetroGnome)
(seangevity voted for DJ MetroGnome, DJ Jay Diff, and DJ Spoolz)


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