B!W5 Samples (4/15/16)

We’ve joined up with Slot-A to host weekly sample flip contests, and we’re currently on week five. Check out the rules below, join the community on Facebook, and make sure to follow us over at @beatlofisocial to stay tuned with everything beat related.

– Put “#LoFiSocial” in the name of the beat and upload to Soundcloud.
– Follow Soundcloud.com/lofisocial and Soundcloud.com/bdtb.
– Flip two samples in the sample pack for one beat. Bonus imaginary points for adding the acapella.
Due Date: Monday 4/19/16
Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ba3ful5gy478wt6/AACwgPfqupJH-FbroiW1CIh2a?dl=0


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