Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E4: “Get Back” ft. R-Juna & Ace One

It’s hard to believe that we’re already on the 4th episode, but here we are today sharing the next episode of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity! For this episode we brought in R-Juna (Strong Roots Records) of Bloomington, Indiana area and Ace One (Cut Camp / Proforms / Breakdown Kings). Skittz cooked up some chicken with corn flakes and pancakes, and other great items. It was a clean, comedic day of making music, and the record turned out quite dirty. That’ll all make sense as you watch and listen. Check below as you can see the credits for episode 4, listen and purchase the song on your favorite medium, and follow along with the lyrics!

“Get Back” Credits:
Verses: R-Juna, LONEgevity, Ace One
Chorus: Skittz, Ace One
Production: LONEgevity

Purchase Get Back” Below:

Verse 1: R-Juna
The hip hop Oroku Sak show you how to blow the spot
Whether ya know it or not, one of the dopest to rock
I stay exposin’ the plot with flows that’s nonstop
Keeping this shit on lock til the bombs drop
MC’s got the itis we’re raw rhythm providers
So be surprised when everybody tries to bite us
King Midas of the mic and key
Guarantee ya fake artist ain’t as nice as me, light tree
puff puff pass to me, I’m about to change ya mind frame drastically
For me it has to be, nothin but the authentic rawthenic
Sweet poison from the flow of R-senic
Though I live conscious, spit reckless
Back to the basics beats with ya breakfast
We don’t give a shit about ya chips and ya necklace
Buscemi-ass rappers with a strap and a checklist

Chorus: Skittz / Ace One
Get back to the basics…back to the real
Get back to creative…back to the skill
Get back to the basics…back to the real
Get back to creative…back to the skill
Get back to the basics…back to the real
Get back to creative…back to the skill
These are the times we destroy and rebuild
Bring the noise it’s time to get ill

Verse 2: LONEgevity
Take me away from tomorrow..the “oh no” sorrows
Got a light or thought that I could borrow?
I craft like a doctor, Dr. Morrow
I put ya head where ya ass lies and pull back like a Toro
I start it up premium, keep it all regular
Skills extra medium, but you still feeding him
Secular rose thorns is second to no form
Meaning: if struggle’s your lifestyle then I fucks with you no more
Still friendly but passive tendencies are wrecking me
Social awkwardness is a face bone specialty
I smile no option aside, I look alive
With the mouth of a screaming dragon…I rise
I fly not the same
Chances are I’m sane to my A-alikes, but otherwise I’m quite strange
But that’s what happens when you try to be “you” in a world of the same…

Chorus: Skittz / Ace one

Verse 3: Ace One
We buck wildin’ like restless natives on an island
Backflippin’ on mattresses and sleeping on pallets
We kick it dumb dude, kung fu… Shaolin
Parappa rapper rapping ass rappers are going down
Not by violence, we silence, by style and
Assassins Creed every passage we speak…murder sound
Pump up the volume…don’t ever turn it down
Turn it up loud don’t ever turn it down…
Here’s the lesson that you need to learn now
We the public enemy that’s burning Hollywood down
The reason Jack White’s home is Dollywood now
In the middle, we got that sound that you ain’t heard in a while
Bout to do it…like it ain’t been done… in some while
Give you that feeling like you ain’t known in a while
When you hear it in your spirit and know that it’s going down
It’s time to tune in and zone out…

Chorus: Skittz / Ace One


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