Skittz & LONEgevity – “Wildstyle” ft. The Proforms, Scoot Dubbs, Tony Styxx & Blake Allee

Some of you may remember this series that we started up last May with Naptowns own Skittz and myself. Well, Season 1 is now finished, the release date and party is set for next Friday (including a 2 hour set with breakfast being served throughout the night), and here’s the first mastered single for everybody to enjoy. Sponsored by us here at BDTB, the 10-track project will be available a week from today. Also, as you may or may not know, we have video footage from nearly every session, and I’ve added that below too. Enjoy!

Track was produced by Joe Harvey & LONEgevity. Cuts by DJ Spoolz of The Proforms. Additional trumpet by LONEgevity. Whistle during Blake’s verse by Andrea Mendoza.


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