brz – “Don’t Overthink This” (Release)

Listen to a full-length project from Indianapolis-to-Bloomington artist brz, titled Don’t Overthink This. Stream and read more about the artist below.

brz (pronounced “breeze”) is a Bloomington-based artist from Indianapolis. While mainly associated with hip-hop, brz’s music focuses on the intersection of electronic sound and verse.

Undergrad. Isolation. Connection. Technology. Black Millenialism. These are things I found myself considering when making DOT. Despite only being six songs, it took a year for me to complete the project, and even longer to become comfortable with my own music again. I found myself lacking a fresh perspective. No need to put more data into the ether, without purpose or intent. Thank you to everyone who urged me to release music again, everyone who helped me make DOT possible, and for the love(s) and conversations that inspired the music. If my thoughts are ever unclear, this is my best way of conveying them. Sorry.


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.