Chief x DJ Deheb – “Leaf” (Release) | @Chief_Beatmaker @Feelin_Music

I haven’t been able to really dive in and explore into a lot of music lately, but this Chief and DJ Deheb project, Leaf, is one I’m happy I found. The two beatsmiths have joined forces for eleven tracks, with some cool custom merchandise (they have bags), and it’s definitely full of great grooves. Read a bit more and listen below, and you can browse all of their merch, and purchase the project, from Bandcamp.

Chief and Deheb join forces to bring you “Leaf”, a full-length instrumental album showcasing the seamless result of two deft beatmakers merging their individual signatures into a unified craft. Both artists each have a long history in beat-making, Chief and Deheb have worked alongside but never together, and to share a task that’s usually tackled by one seemed like a challenge and a new thrill to the two.

The use of samples taken from original Brazilian music in the two producers’ collections was the starting point for the creation of ”Leaf”. Using the gorgeous textures and atypical sounds to fashion an atmosphere rather than make a typical beats album with over-used long samples was the end goal.

The result of this synthesis between two seasoned beatmakers’ flair is an elaborate, slow-paced and subtle collection of instrumentals that materializes each contributor’s ideas into a solid and distinctive new identity. A collection of eleven laid back instrumental pieces that submerge you in a lavishly soulful atmosphere, “Leaf” is yet another must-have contribution from the Feelin’ stable to the beats scene.


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