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I know normally I say something ridiculously clever before I post a song, but this time I had to just throw the song up here first. I love this song. I had the luxury of working with Com a little bit in the final sequencing of his project “Pushn Dope EP” (dropping soon…shouts to Heavy GUN), and in doing so we played around with some sounds to fill the song out. Glockenspiel. Strange synth sound. Oh yeah. Anyway, I was planning on interviewing Com before he made the move back to Charlotte, but it didn’t quite work out. I did however get to ask the only feature on his upcoming project, K. Fudiyah, a few questions about the project, Com, and her lovely self.

Question (Lonegevity): So, first off, who is K. Fudiyah?
Answer (K. Fudiyah): I am an artist, in every sense of the word, a writer above all. I am as honest as I can possibly be, maybe to a fault. I love my State, Indiana, where I was born and raised; but I left my heart in Sierra Leone. I am a humble African, just trying to fulfill my purpose while I’m on this earth. I am a lover, AND a fighter, and I’ll fight for what I love. I have no fear because I know Christ. I am me, and to know me is to love me. And if you hate me, I’ll just love you more. It’s what I do.

Question (Lonegevity): How did you meet Com? Have you two known each other for a long time?
Answer (K. Fudiyah): I met Com about 4 years ago at Front Page in Indianapolis, back when Front Page was the place to be to hear real hip hop on a Saturday night (shout out DJs Limelight and MetroGnome). We’ve been good friends ever since.

Question (Lonegevity): I’ve only known Com for a little less than a year, and I know he’s been working on this project since I’ve known him. How did you fit into his project considering it doesn’t have any other features?
Answer (K. Fudiyah): It’s funny because when I met Com, I was in no way seriously pursuing music as a career. And he’s been working on his project since I’ve known him as well. LOL But in 2008 I decided to take this artist thing seriously, and he was actually the first person that I told. Even then, I was more focused on my photography and singing abilities. It wasn’t until 2009 that I realized I had a knack for rhyming, and he didn’t hear me rhyme until earlier this year. Initially he was planning to have me sing on the album, but when he heard me rhyme, he was quite impressed (and surprised) and that was that.

Question (Lonegevity): So that is you rapping at the end of the “She Likes…” song. I thought so, but wasn’t sure. (Link)
Answer (K.Fudiyah): Yes. That is me rapping at the end of “She Likes” I made it to Com’s final studio session in Indianapolis, and he told me to spit whatever I had. I had written that verse over a Kanye West beat while I was staying in Chicago earlier this year. I felt like it was the most appropriate, being that it’s kind of an introductory verse, and no one really knows who I am…as a rapper.

Question (Lonegevity): I liked it, and Com likes it. I think I remember him saying that you didn’t like it. Any truth to that?
Answer (K.Fudiyah): I don’t necessarily DISlike it. The fact is, I’ve only rhymed on the mic once before, so I’m still getting used to hearing myself. I’m kinda new to this rappin shit…

Question (Lonegevity): What is your favorite song on the project? Why?
Answer (K.Fudiyah): My favorite song is Streetlight. I’m actually not even sure if it made the cut, but it’s an amazing record.

Question (Lonegevity): How long have you been singing/rapping?
Answer (K.Fudiyah): I’ve been singing since I was very young, starting in church. I’m a preacher’s kid. Literally just started rapping last year, but ain’t no turning back now.

Question (Lonegevity): Do you have anything in the works?
Answer (K.Fudiyah): I have a mixtape project in the works. I’ve never done a mixtape before, so I could definitely use some help *hint*, but yeah, it’ll be dope.

Question (Lonegevity): Any last words of wisdom?
Answer (K.Fudiyah): Yes. “Fock wit me. But don’t fock wit me.”


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