Hubert Daviz “Proceduri De Rutina” Release

I’m a big fan of this mans’ production. Some may remember I did a joint over one of his instrumentals for my “Sessions” project. “Proceduri De Rutina” is a mini-album that dropped in May, but I’m just now getting around to listening. I love it. It’s solely made of Romanian jazz records. There is a limited vinyl pressing on only 500 copies, but no CD’s were printed. Artwork and photos by Robert Winter.

Sometimes soulful sometimes sad. Hubert Daviz does not dissapoint on “Proceduri De Rutina”. Raw, nostalgic sounds reminding me of early Kankick works and mixed with modern elements and patterns. This reflects exactly the path MPM Records is going with their instrumental producers and Hubert Daviz is definitely one of them.”

<a href="">cuvant introductiv by Hubert Daviz</a>


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