Day’s 21 & 22 of 30 Days of Oddisee: “The Beauty In All” by Oddisee & “We Do This” by Hinx Jones

Two of the performers during for next week’s show released projects today, and one of them was Oddisee‘s The Beauty In All. His project comes with an additional new project in Tangible Dream, and you can get it all from Bandcamp below. The other was Naptown’s Hinx Jones, who just released their We Do This EP. So yeah, it’s probably pretty easy to know what we’re sharing today. You can check out the track-listings below, as well as the tunes. Enjoy!

Oddisee’s tour is for his new The Beauty In All instrumental album. DJ MetroGnome, Old SOUL Entertainment, and Bring Down The Band are bringing you Oddisee live at The Jazz Kitchen on Wednesday, October 9th, with special Indianapolis guests Ajene Tha God, Hinx Jones, and ComDot. We will also have a special edition of our Writer’s Block event after the show, and our mobile recording booth set up in the back for all attendees to do something live! Check the links below.

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Oddisee “The Beauty In All”
1 After Thoughts
2 In My Day
3 Fashionably Late
4 Fievre
5 The Gospel
6 Lonely Planet
7 Patience in Play
8 Caprice Down
9 No Rules for Kings
10 One Thing Right
11 Social Insecurity
12 Fork in the Road

Hinx jones “We Do This”
1 I Do This
2 Food
3 Smile
4 The Reincarnation of Mitch Hedburg
5 Strange Voices ft. ILL Brown
6 Do You
7 I Was Wrong
8 Soar



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