def sound – “Trill Allah” (Video)

About a month or so ago, Def Sound returned and released a new visual for his “Trill Allah” song. The visual is below, and the MADASHELL collaborative art and technology project – which is interactive – can be checked out by hitting this link. Check out the production credits for the song and video below, as well as more information on the new release.

Directed/Edited/Coded by mad-as.hell (Leila Jarman & Mike Leisz)
Art Direction/Make-Up/Practical FX by Madison Rene Knapp (MRK)
Shot by Ashwin Vaswani
Song Produced by Zack Sekoff

If rap was a menu def.sound would be the vegan option. def spells his name in all lower casing in homage of bell hooks, he is a poetry teacher and youth mentor by day, by night def is an MC, published poet (you can find him in Saul Williams anthology “CHORUS”), resident DJ at The Virgil and of the longest running poetry venue in the nation (Da Poetry Lounge in Fairfax). The 1st generation South Central native with parents from Belize and Panama respectively is a living Venn diagram of creativity and community. After the release of the KINGS•of•Neon project def was named one of the top artists to watch in 2017 by LA WEEKLY. Never feeling limited def saw being independent as complete freedom to be more connected and as human as his audience. Working along side visual artist MADASHELL (Leila Jarman + Mike Leisz aka clickbecause ) all three artists as a team and ambitiously shot visuals for 3 out of 6 songs on the KINGS • of • NEON project with the intention of creating a collection in a digital gallery they were building together.

The idea began as a digital gallery for musicians and visual artists to display their joint projects called YEA WHATEVER. In the time of 4 months Leila and Mike collaborated on 3 out of 6 visuals for KINGS • of • NEON (INY2K , Dude iJust Went Vegan , and the interactive “Trill.Allah” video) the last of those installments was called “Trill.Allah” a song written by def and produced by Zack Sekoff (22 year old LA based producer w/ credits ranging from Vince Staples to Thundercat). Now stepping into the present while owning his perspective def is in the midst of preparing to release his next project “COLORED” and it feels like the time is right to bring the color to a world obsessed with division, black, white, and the increasing distance created by difference. Art still exists even if it’s never been hung in a gallery, galleries are actually limiting. def makes music for those looking or both witty lyrics and expansive beats while MADASHELL makes expressive and experimental visuals for those looking for more than just special fx and art for art’s sake. “Trill.Allah” is an exercise in **synesthesia**, DIY, new technology and ways of seeing and showing the world around us that it’s our ideas that connect us not just our links in our bios.


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