Defame – “[s​]​lo​-​fi flips” (Release)

Indianapolis-based producer Defame (of Cicada Shells) returns with a collection of “slowed up” rap edits on [s​]​lo​-​fi flips. Defame is no stranger to the Indianapolis hip-hop community, and has been a featured producer for our Indianapolis edition of the BEAT! Lo-Fi Social producer showcase. On [s​]​lo​-​fi flips, Defame slows things down to a chopped n screwed dirge, but with the dirty edges of MPC vinyl sampling, and heavy Boom Bamp breaks. Defame works in rap acapellas from the likes of MF DOOM, Redman, Beastie Boys, Danny Brown, 2Pac, and even an old Cicada Shells acapella from his collaborator, Lorax. Defame has homedubbed [s​]​lo​-​fi flips onto a limited edition cassette tape, and has included his vexin’ EP from earlier this year on the other side. You can download [s​]​lo​-​fi flips, or purchase the cassette via Defame’s Bandcamp.

David Peck

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