DJ Touré ft. B-Legit, D-Lo, & London “She Like It” Video

Directed by Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy.

You ever listen to a song and just try to find something wrong with it? Yeah, that happened. No clue why, really, maybe it’s my mood. Either way, I listened to the song all the way to the end and can dig it. It’s nothing mind blowing, but you can groove to it. Give it a view and listen!

On July 17th, Hieroglyphics producer/DJ DJ Touré will release a new album, Touré’s Theory: Session One, as joint venture between his own 101% Music imprint and Clear Label Records. When he first announced the album, earlier this month, he did so by releasing the album’s lead single, “She Like It,” featuring B-Legit, D-Lo, and London, and today, Touré is excited to release the official video for that single.

Touré co-produced the track with Grammy-winning producer Bobby Ozuna, and together the two blended and chopped together a mix of guitar and horn samples for a soulful, bouncy instrumental that serves as the perfect backdrop for bringing together the Bay’s old and new guard. The video, directed by Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy, is a straightforward clip that captures the artists in their most natural elements, splitting time between the studio grind and laid back west coast living.


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